Martinez finally caught a screening of the finished film last Thursday
 Since the fall of Baghdad,moreover,this approach has produced at least as much failure as success,leading the American public to be increasingly skeptical of the bellicosity that now defines the party's foreign policy.Since 9/11,Republicans have known only one big thing -- the "global war on terror" -- and have remained stubbornly committed to a narrow militarized approach.Republicans need to start taking international relations more seriously,addressing the true complexities and requirements of the issues rather than allowing the subject to be a plaything for right-wing interest groups. And if they don't act quickly,they might cede this ground to the Democrats for the next generation.
There have already been murmurings of discontent from US Catholic leaders. vera bradley patterns Bishop Thomas Tobin stated that he was slightly "disappointed" that the pope had yet to speak out about the abortion. And Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia acknowledged that some more conservative Catholics "generally have not been really happy" with Francis and that the pope will have to find a way "to care for them too."It seems that Francis's oppressively forgiving position on not judging others has left some Catholics feeling marginalized and excluded. Imagine that.To be clear,Pope Francis has not changed the official Church position on homosexuality or endorsed homosexuality. His main point isn't sexuality per se but about healing wounds and accepting everyone.
 That's just not me."The Bill Clinton and DLC Model For Reinventing the Republican Party The Conservative Political Action Conference,a kind of annual camp meeting for the American right,opens in Washington today amid controversy over who's in the tent and who's not. Not invited were two prominent GOP governors,Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell,yet the obnoxious Donald Trump managed to snag a ticket. Bill Clinton addresses members of the Democratic Leadership Council at George Washington University in Washington,D.C.,on January 12,2000. (Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty)This was too much for conservative realists,who think the movement can ill afford to shun Republicans who know how to win elections and govern in blue and purple states like New Jersey and Virginia.
 Even though he is not a cardinal,he could still be pope."Any man can become the pope," Father Thomas Reese,analyst for the National Catholic Reporter told The Daily Beast. "As long as they are willing to be ordained a priest,become a cardinal,and then be pope. The only real stipulation is that it cannot be a woman."Of course,the victims of church crimes have no vote in the conclave and no real bearing whatsoever on what happens inside the Sistine Chapel when the cardinals go into the conclave. They also admit to being what Clohessy calls a "one-issue group" in their battle against priestly sex abuse. But their membership, vera bradley coupon code which includes 12,000 victims and family members,want the cardinals to remember the tormented stories of those abused by priests when they make their decision.
 "Then,at the state level,they want the federal government to do it. And at the federal government,they want to create global government to control all of our lives."Texan in Iowa: Gay Marriage Will Replace God with GovernmentSure,he's not a politician,but his son is a pretty influential one,so his public comments should be taken seriously—especially when they're this ridiculous. Rafael Cruz,the father of Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and a well-known pastor in his own right,compared President Obama to Fidel Castro,warned that the Affordable Care Act will "destroy the elderly," and that "homosexual marriage" will replace God with government ++at a Family Leadership Summit in Iowa++[http://livewire.
 Martinez finally caught a screening of the finished film last Thursday,and was very impressed."I've always thought it had the potential to be another Drive—a surprise hit," he says. "I think Harmony's objective is to shock some people and delight others."His next score is for The Company You Keep,a political thriller directed by and starring Robert Redford that is out April 5,and he'll reteam with filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) for Only God Forgives—a suspense film in the vein of Drive starring Ryan Gosling as a man embroiled in the criminal underworld of Thailand who seeks revenge after his brother is murdered. The film does not have a U.S. release date yet,but is expected to bow at the Cannes Film Festival in May.
 A perfect appetizer for a enjoying a meal in a latrine. When working on RCI’s Majesty of the Seas,I noticed fish bones backed up the sewage system so often that the entire aft crew deck smelled like feces. I learned about such things in dramatic fashion upon signing onto Majesty as a junior officer. After returning to my cabin,I discovered a man wearing officers’ whites bent over my desk,examining the contents. While there was no pretext of privacy on a cruise ship,having my own cabin had given me delusions of it. Upon hearing me enter,the man shoved the drawer shut and irritably snapped,"Cabin inspection. I have reports that you routinely order room service. This is highly improper and will not continue.
 And TMAO is associated with a higher risk of heart attacks. Interestingly,this only happened to frequent meat eaters; vegans who ate a steak did not show elevated blood-levels of TMAO. Over time,their gut bacteria had changed,so they no longer had lots of bacteria that like to eat carnitine. I tend to discount dietary fads,but the association between red meat and heart disease is sufficiently long-standing that I'm trying to cut back to once a week. If we see more studies like this,I may cut back even further.Of course,as many of you will no doubt point out in the comments,it's impossible to be sure. New studies could overthrow these results any time. But that's always a problem in this uncertain world.
 Spielberg's film,after all,asserts that the 13th amendment,not the Emancipation Proclamation,deserves pride of place in freedom history. The old questions about the proclamation's true impact are being raised again. The answer should be obvious: it was the most important executive order in American history. Anti-slavery Governor John A. Andrew of Massachusetts may have said it best at the time it was issued,when he judged the Emancipation Proclamation "a poor document,but a mighty act." And this mighty act did nothing less than change the Civil War,change the legal status of black people,and change America—just as promised: then,thenceforward,and forever.And if that doesn't inspire another New Year's Day party to mark its sesquicentennial,what can?Adam Mansbach's Book Bag: 7 Quintessentially New York Books New York JewBy Alfred Kazin ‘New York Jew' by Alfred Kazin.
 (Abbas Momani / AFP / Getty Images)Robin Zayed,a father of four,was the UNRWA worker who got gunned down. I have never met a Palestinian named Robin,and I am desperate to know the story behind his name,but he is gone now and there are more important questions to ask. Why did the Israelis choose to enter the camps on the same day as talks were scheduled? How many of us would walk through live gunfire to get to work? It seems like a perfectly good reason to call in sick or take a personal day to save your own life. How many are forced to live like this daily? You can't call in sick every day.The United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA) released a statement condemning the killing of their staff member,who they insisted did not participate in any violent activity and was shot on his way to work.
 West used his congressional position tohost a screening of a film from an Islamophobic groupabout the so-called Ground Zero Mosque on the eleventh anniversary of the attacks.West's views were so far outside the mainstream that his Republican primary opponent,?Martin County Sheriff Bob Crowder,endorsed the Democrat Murphy last week. "As a Republican for over 30 years,I'm embarrassed by the radical fringe that has taken over the party. Sadly,Allen West is their poster child,and the hateful,divisive comments he's made throughout this campaign make it clear to me he's the wrong choice for our district," Crowder?said in a statement.In Tuesday's election,Murphy's fate was closely tied to President Obama's winning reelection effort.